The Art of Being Yourself – Caroline McHugh

I was scrolling down the YouTube playlists, spoiled for choice, welcoming the distraction. I was 2 hours in… Kitchen Nightmares, Deadly Women and a makeup tutorial or 4, when I decided to see what TED had to offer. TED has a profound way of tuning me back to the present. Motivating me to break free from the YouTube vortex.

So I scrolled down the list to see what would inspire. It was between Caroline McHugh or a 20 minute talk on polyamory. Easy… I clicked on the talk on polyamory. I quite enjoyed it. I found it rather intriguing actually.

The next day… similar cycle… 2 hours sucked into the YouTube vortex soon to be concluded with a TEDtalk. This time I clicked on Caroline’s talk on the Art of being yourself.

Writing that this was the right choice would be a huge understatement. It was by far the BEST choice I had made in the history of YouTube viewing.

See for yourself.


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