Doors Wide Shut – A Lonely Man’s 1st Love

Loneliness became him. Facing it dead in the face it soon became his tolerable… then his acceptable. Then his undeniable. Finally his forever.

His doors remained wide shut

No entry
No exit
Enclosed in isolation
Forced out on rare occasion to quench his drink thirst

He approached the iconic outback pub
Rough as guts
Filled with rough looking characters with hearts of gold
Salt of the earth kind of people

He took to his usual spot
Hidden from full view

It was the usual undisturbed ritual… until it wasn’t

Peroxide blonde with layered tops
Took to the chair next to his
Invitation not required
Downed drink after drink

In disturbing silence he watched on
unable to confront the unwelcome disturbance to ritual

In the age old time he recalled,
Women cooked like their mothers
Now they drank like their fathers

20 minutes and 5 drinks later he had fully quenched his drink thirst
Exiting the pub
Carrying with him in thought the peroxide blonde with the layered tops
New thirst formed
A thirst for this woman whose name he didn’t know
It was lady thirst
Lady lust
Lady love


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